Rise Up

Cast: 2 black women, 2 men – 1 white, one black

In modern day Britain, four performers tell the stories of the Freedom riders – principled citizens riding buses across Alabama and Mississippi, drawing attention to illegal discrimination, and facing up to terrifying violence with peaceful resistance.

The story of the Freedom riders is one of ordinary people becoming a civil rights movement, taking on the establishment and changing the world. in a time of Michael brown, and Trayvon Martin, and Mark Duggan, what does it mean for people to come together and rise up?

Commissioned and first produced by Theatre Centre
Directed by Natalie Wilson
Winner of Writers Guild Best Play for Young Audiences 2017

“Rise Up cuts like a knife…
Morning Star

…This play rides the full gamut of emotions, while managing to connect the past and the present…
Morning Star

 … inspired script
Morning Star

… piercingly poetic monologues”
Morning Star

“…heartwarming and moving”
Harpreeet Dawett

“This is a piece of history that needs to be known about”
British Theatre Guide