Something was different

Someone’s stayed over,

And she’s the funniest,

Most beautiful woman I’ve ever met.

He said.

Here there is joy.

And she is,

Funny and beautiful

But beyond that, kind

And the tenderness in his eyes,

As he watches her

His arm enfolding supporting numb,

As she sleeps on the sofa

Would dissolve iron

For here, where once there was

Heartbreak and hearts broken

Here, the bravest at heights,

Depths, speed and danger

Yet cautious and fearful when making decisions

Risking all not to promise what he might not deliver,


And ran with all his speed

And jumped with all his courage

And flew towards light and love

And the funniest, most beautiful woman he had ever met

Who opened her arms and didn’t say –

You took your time

or –

If I’d known, I’d have washed my hair first

Which, as the funniest most beautiful woman he’d ever met,

she was quite entitled to do but instead

Said kindly


And here there is joy.

C Copyright Lisa Evans June 2021

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